Membership is open and free
Full membership is open to all gay man age 18 and older. Membership will always be free and will remain open.Simply join by clicking "JOIN SIGN IN" create a username and select an avatar.

We offer 4 Free Land types: Unit, Parcel, Region and Var-region.
The types of services we offer are based on user involvement and need, NOT currency! No one will ever require you to pay for membership on Dgrid.MEN or asked to pay for land rental. All memberships are created equal however land ownership type is determined by usage and community involvement or your ability to self host. Learn more about the types of land ownership DGrid.MEN offers.

Why do we offer land based on usage?
Dgrid.MEN is a strictly volunteer grid while all membership is free our resources are limited. It wouldn't make sense to offer regions to users who never come online as regions use more resources. It wouldn't make sense to have more regions then active users. Users who spend less time on the grid require less space.

Request Back Ups
User inventory is backed up regularly but all users can request a copy.

Free Land Types Avalible


Units are apartments or houses that are already set up. You can move right in, place your own objects if you have them and start roll playing right away. These are really good for users that have not done much building as the walls and floor of your unit are already in place. We have a diverse selection of units from tropical to sewer mutant. This is also a good option if you don't plan on playing often.


Parcels are good for intermediate users who know how to build and have (or can obtain) inventory. Parcels are small or large areas of empty space within a region that you could own and maintain yourself. You would have to build our place our own building but you would be able to control the theme of your land. This is also good for users who want to be involved but don't plan on spending a great deal of time in Dgrid.MEN, store owners or users who already have a home grid.


Regions are best for expert users. Regions take up server resources and we want to maintain a good region/user ratio. Regions are for expert users and builders who can and are willing to spend the time to create content and environment that other users can enjoy. This land option is exclusive to grid members who invest time here.

Var Regions

Var-Regions are continents for expert grid members who have really big ideas and can self-host. Ask for more information in-world if you would like to host your var-region.