D Grid is a FREE online virtual world
created exclusively for ADULT gay men. D grid is based off open source Open Sim software. DGrid.men is the olny Open Sim grid exclusively for adult gay men. Connect with 1,000s of Open Sim users on other grids!


Unleash your fantasy in a world you.
create. Everything in D Grid customizable. You can even import textures, objects and animations from software like SketchUp.


DGrid is full of content from other users.
Rather you are Gay, bi, bi-curious, str8 or passing through enjoy play areas all over D Grid where avatars can get to know eachother. Create your own play areas and share them with users.

About Us

We are gay MMO players who maintain D Grid as volunteers.
We wanted an MMO where we could express our sexuality freely with others, without the situations that can arise from doing so in non-homo MMOs. D Grid is 100% user operated. We host, maintain, modify and play the game ourselves. Because we are volunteers we are able to maintain D-Grid's free membership and use. We are always looking for volunteer/users who can contribute to content and help maintain systems.

Not that technical?
Don't worry relax, all users are welcome to play and enjoy the game!

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DGrid is based on the Open Sim platform and is hosted from a dedicated server in the United States. D Grid is maintained by the grid master. D Grid's server is responsible for maintaining user profiles, avatars, inventory, in-game contact list and other orations within the game.

Main Land and Private Islands

In order to interact with players and the environment you need a virtual space. Access to the Main Land is a free right of every D Grid citizen. D Grid citizens also have free virtual land available on request on the Main Land. You can build objects, modify buildings and exclude others from your Main Land parcel.

Private Islands are the ultimate in privacy. they offer the same privileges as a Main Land parcel with the added benefits of complete and total control.